W105 - Cancelled - More than Memorable: How to Create Great Results-Based Videos

Wed, Jan 11 | 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Forum 6-8

Session Description:
It's not enough to have a memorable video production. Much like advertising, you may like a video and remember it, but there may be little interest in buying the product. In this session, the speaker will present powerful examples of how well-constructed educational video can enhance any curriculum. You'll see examples of six types of video learning and learn which works best as a stand-alone product or as part of a blended approach. Then you'll learn how to wrap a story around content, as well as tips and techniques for scripting a video production. In this session you will work in small groups to write your own story and accompanying video scenarios to present to the group. To get the most from this session, you should have a basic knowledge of instructional design.

Application on the Job:
Explore uses for video in learning as a stand alone or part of a blended approach.
Identify types of videos that work best to achieve certain learning objectives.
Be able to apply scripting techniques to make videos realistic and relatable.

Tracks: Platforms & Tools